​Float Coating is the Ultimate Solution....

Coating a Confined Space is Expensive, Time consuming

and Dangerous!

Stop blasting, priming and re-coating  confined spaces. Simply float  S2S Float Coat into the space with no surface preparation and the area is now protected against rust and corrosion for years to come at a fraction of the time and expense!  Click the button below to watch the Float Coat video.

Measure and pour S2S Float coat

A simple calculation is each gallon should cover 200 square feet, add about 20 percent to final calculation. A pail coats 1000 sq feet, a drum coats 10,000 sq feet.

Gently and slowly pump in water

Drop pump hose to bottom a slowly fill up the area with water. S2S Float coat is lighter than the water and will float on top and polar bond to the metal as it rises.

Fill area to the very top of space

Once the water and float coat reach the top turn on the pump and let the water settle for 6 hours. This will allow all the float coat to clearly separate from the water.

Gently and slowly pump water out

Slowly pump the water out from the bottom, use a screen for rust flakes. The last portion of the water should be recaptured so product is not pumped into ocean.


Here are the links to the major testing results and most commonly requested documents for S2S Float Coat.


Download the latest S2S Saftey Data Sheet for the Float Coat formula .


Download the S2S Float Coat water discharge test results meeting California standards.


S2S Float Coat Salt Spray test results exceeding US Navy Mil spec 16713...

It's now 15 years and it looks exactly the same, it has remained rust FREE, I am quite impressed.

Simon Bancroft

False Creek Tug Boats

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